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Every one of our orders require careful consideration on what method of production will be used. For large orders 12 pieces of clothing and up we would recommend screen printing. Meanwhile, if you would like one article of clothing we would suggest vinyl. Maybe you would like a car decal or a large decal for your business's window, this is something we offer as well. Lastly, we offer banner printing, for inside, outside and everything in between. 

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Screen Printing

One of the most popular ways to put graphics onto a textile is by screen printing. This process is very reliable and durable. If you have a large order to fulfill, screen printing is the best way to go. To screen print you must first create a stencil, known as a screen. Next use that screen to apply ink on the printing surface. With each color, you must use a different screen. To have a multi-color print you must apply each color one at a time, combined to achieve the final look. The more colors a design has, the more screens, and more setup time required.

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Heat press Vinyl

If you would like only a few items printed we would highly recommend using heat press vinyl. This technique involves our machine cutting your design out of a sheet of vinyl. After the design is cut the excess material is picked out leaving only your design. After the extra vinyl is removed it is ready to be heat pressed on to the garment. You can have multiple colors using heat press vinyl, each color will be laid over the top of the other after repeating the first two processes. 


Vinyl Decals

Similar to heat press vinyl, we will take your design and cut it out of vinyl. Where this process differs is after the design is separated from the excess material, a layer of clear masking is placed over the artwork. Making the product finished and ready to be applied. 

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If you need a banner(s) made look no further. Whether you have a design ready or if you need our help putting it together we are here for you. After the design is approved the artwork is printed onto the vinyl banner. The banners have many options of thickness and sizes to fit your needs.



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